Redigering: Dwaine Faria-Carrao

Vrae en antwoorde:
Wat is jou gunstelling fliek en regisseur?
Man on Fire. Directors I enjoy are Tony and Ridley Scott, Micheal Bay.

What was it like editing Pad na jou Hart?
Editing PNJH was a great experience. I have edited many commercials and TV shows but my passion has always been Features [films] and that has always been my end goal with my career. I have worked with Jaco on most, if not all, of his short films so editing this film with him was a nice continuation of our ongoing working relationship. Shooting on the [Arri] Alexa really made things a breeze as the footage did not need to be converted and I could edit the raw footage immediately in Final Cut Pro. There were actually no hiccups which was really amazing!

What was the biggest challenge of editing this film?
I initially thought the language was going to be a big challenge for me as I am not Afrikaans. I didn't want to jeopardise such a massive job and it was also my first big film, but I pushed myself and knew that I had a good support system and would manage if I was dedicated. I have a good feel when it comes to editing so I just had to trust my instinct as well as take some guidance from Jaco.

Why should people watch Pad na jou Hart?
Pad na jou Hart is a great film. With regards to me being a non-afrikaans speaking person and watching the film several times, I still was captivated in the film and couldn't stop watching. It really holds itself. Also the film has that international look and feel to it so it is a real big jump in Afrikaans film making in this country and I am really proud to be a part of it. I think that both Afrikaans and non-Afrikaans viewers will enjoy the film.